The app idea offers a B2B platform for real estate agents.

App Concept


RELTYCO is a platform for real estate agents on which agents can list their properties. Every real estate agent can offer all properties posted on RELTYCO to his clients and thus draw from a broader property portfolio.

Fair cooperation

Agents who list properties are the main agent for their property. The other brokers (secondary brokers) can present the properties to their clients and refer interested clients to the main broker.

Win Win Situation

RELTYCO creates a win-win situation - each broker can refer more than just their own properties to clients and can also get more clients through other brokers for their own properties.

Usage of the B2B Plattform

That's how RELTYCO works


  • The first step is to register on the platform.


  • Upload of a property to the platform by the main agent.


  • The brokers are always browsing the platform for suitable properties for their clients.


  • The real estate agents can present properties via exposé or 360° tour.

  • If the client is interested, the secondary agent sends a notification to the main agent via the platform that he/she would like to view the property.
  • The main broker can confirm or decline this request.

  • If the request is confirmed, the main broker will contact the client and arrange a viewing.

  • In the case of a purchase, the main agent assists the seller and the secondary agent assists the buyer every step of the way until the property is properly handed over.

  • Both the main broker and the side-broker are involved in commission (side-broker - brokerage commission / main broker - classic brokerage commission).


App Features

RELTYCO facilitates the broker's search for suitable properties for the client and enables smooth cooperation with colleagues.

Upload properties with associated data, exposé, etc.
Overview of own set objects
Filter options to search for suitable properties
Enquiries can be made to main broker if interested
Overview of enquiries
Overview of enquiries: Enquiries on third-party objects and enquiries on own objects
Exchange contact details directly via the app


Benefits of RELTYCO

The app concept brings a lot of advantages for the broker:

Larger real estate pool

More properties are available to individual brokers


Brokers benefit from a larger client base

Improved broker image

Real estate agents can take on much more of the role of trusted advisor

Good broker network

Brokers can expand their network and strengthen cooperation with each other


Cooperation of Real Estate Brokers

Main Broker

Responsible for real estate

  • Supervisor and responsible for the seller
  • Takes over all viewings at his property

Side/Sub Broker

Responsible for customer care

  • Customer acquisition
  • Offers his clients the right property
  • Sends clients to the main broker

App Screens

App Screens


Case usage

Martin Mayr is an estate agent. He is self-employed and runs a small estate agency.

Case 1
This morning he has an appointment with Thomas and Marie. They are looking for a three-room flat - preferably with a small garden - because they are having a baby. The search for real estate offers that can be placed for his clients takes a lot of work, especially in this category of flats, where the supply is scarce.

Recently, however, he has started using the platform Reltyco. With Reltyco, Martin has the possibility to present his own properties as well as those of other real estate agents. His offer has thus multiplied abruptly.

Since Martin does not have a suitable property on offer at the moment, he starts the app and narrows down the search accordingly. The app finds over 20 offers in the vicinity. Martin suggests five suitable offers to the young family that are in the corresponding price range and sends them the exposés. The dream flat - a maisonette with a garden - is among them. Thomas and Marie are keen to view it. Martin then sends an enquiry to the main broker ImmoSalzburg. He confirms the enquiry, and Thomas and Marie's contact details are then forwarded to ImmoSalzburg.

The next day, Julia from ImmoSalzburg contacts Thomas and Marie and arranges a viewing appointment. Thomas and Marie look forward to the viewing. If the purchase is successful, Martin accompanies them until the final takeover. In the course of this takeover, Martin receives the brokerage commission agreed with ImmoSalzburg.
Case 2
Martin has had a small house on offer for over 18 months. Unfortunately, there is no buyer for it, although it has no major defects and the price is right - a real shelf warmer.

For this reason, Martin decides to put the cottage on Reltyco. After all, a large number of estate agencies are registered here. He opens the app and enters the relevant information, including pictures.

After a week, Martin has already received three enquiries about the property. Martin accepts these enquiries in Reltyco and is provided with the contact details in return. He is pleased and arranges viewing appointments - a mediation seems within reach.



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